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Why TikTok is VITAL for your small business

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

In 2020, we really saw TikTok rise into the massive spotlight it is today. Everyone that you knew downloaded it and sent you ridiculous videos of dancing, cats, and people falling down. Ultimately, it was YouTube 2.0 before the influencers got ahold of it. However, now that TikTok has fallen into the hands of so many types of people, it has made it a wild open season for making content and getting it seen by millions virtually overnight.

Small businesses will post themselves packing an order or putting together one of their products and within 24 hours, they have more orders than they can even think to fulfill. Virality on TikTok is easier than any other app right now and it can happen to pretty much anyone. TikTok isn’t only for teenagers and it isn’t solely for ridiculous dances. It’s a place for people to be seen by people worldwide and you NEED to take advantage of it.

Getting Seen Online

As a small business, you know the value of simple brand awareness. Word of mouth is literally how you survive. On TikTok, there are 1 BILLION…yes, billion…users who can be served your content at ANY time. The algorithm is built to serve content to interested parties and it’s so easy to build a following with just a little bit of consistency, understanding & dedication.

Using the right hashtags and making the right type of content will send you forth into the abyss of being noticed by an unprecedented number of potential customers. You just have to be ready to commit to it. Even as a team who just recently started on TikTok, our videos have an average of about 300-400 views which is fantastic for someone who is just starting. We’ve grown to 128 followers in under a year with barely posting at all. This type of growth is possible for you.

Being relatable & interesting

A lot of TikTok is entirely based on real, organic, and true to yourself. People make videos on the toilet, without makeup, and show the messy part of themselves or their life. TikTok is the place to show those behind-the-scenes messes. It’s the place to highlight you're less than pretty business aspects. That’s literally what people like to see!

Being a small business owner gives you the unique opportunity to show the details, the process, and the end product with everything in between. It’s a place where the content doesn’t need to be HIGH QUALITY. It just needs to be realistic. That’s a goal that we’re confident we can ALL accomplish.

Niches & Cross-Niches

On TikTok, there’s a unique dynamic of niche power. You can be on sewing TikTok, messy TikTok, storytime TikTok, tattoo TikTok, racing TikTok, DIY TikTok…the list goes on & it’s literally never-ending. If you can think of a relevant niche, trust us, it’s on TikTok. As a user, liking content that the app serves you will serve you similar content which means that your business’ niche is only a few likes away with the right hashtags.

Adjacent niches are also only a few clicks away. For example, TikTok found out really quickly that our love for the movie side of TikTok would cross over well for BookTok & now we’re being served content for books we’ve never even heard of. Any type of customer you’re looking for is there and waiting to see what you have to offer.

Organic & Unpaid

The best part of TikTok is that it can be entirely organic. You don’t have to spend even a single additional dollar to get started or to have something go viral. The ads are possible and high-performing, but they don’t need to be your strategy if you’re lacking the funds. Because of the nature of the platform, TikTok wants you to be on the app as long as possible. Content that is resonating with users will be served to others again, again, and again. Just like that, BAM, thousands of views with no additional cost. It’s a marketing strategy that’s at your fingertips.

As a small business owner, it’s inevitable that you’re juggling a lot of roles. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to think you’d need to add TikTok influencer to the growing list of responsibilities, but we encourage you to spend some time on the app. Check out what’s trending. See how the music and trends are being used for other small businesses. With the right application, those viral videos can literally be YOU!

If you have more questions about TikTok and ways you can incorporate it into your digital marketing campaigns, make sure to shoot us a DM & get started!


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