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CONSULTING you need for your feed.

Customized advice to get you where you want to be


From logo design to social media strategy, Aesthetic Media can help consult you or your team on how to best achieve your goals. Small businesses need a solid foundation to build from and some outside clarity can make your dreams a reality! With our consultation services, we drown out the noise and provide focus so you can make things happen.

With a little bit of guidance, everyone is capable of making their small business into a BIG success.



Everyone is capable
of successful business



Focus on what's important

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What we can consult on

Business Startup

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If you're starting a small business and have no idea where to begin, we can help. As a small business ourselves, we have gone through the pain of branding, designing, website creation, business licenses, deciding on pricing, and much more. It's our goal to make sure others can live their dreams through their passion projects. We can help you navigate as your start on this journey.

Business Budgeting

You've embarked on your small business journey, but don't know how to approach pricing and sales. No worries, we have all been there! We can help you decide on competitive pricing, how much you need to be bringing in, how to manage your own finances, and ensure you're ready for tax season.

Freelancer Pricing

As a business built by freelancers, we are very passionate about working for ourselves. However, most freelancers often undervalue their work and their time. We can help you successfully calculate freelance pricing that gets you paid while keeping your workload manageable. 


Becoming a memorable business is every business owner's goal. We can help. With expertise in font, color, and voice we can help you become a recognizable brand to your target audience with just a couple of small adjustments! You'll be proud of your online image & excited to be a growing brand.

Website UX

A website is crucial to your businesses' credibility, and it can be detrimental when things don't work. If you're unhappy with your website, we can come in, test it all for you, and give you actionable feedback on how to make the experience more in line with your audiences' needs.

Social Media

Social media is a must-have in this day and age. However, how do you navigate it as a business? How do you grow organically? With our social media consulting services, you can learn how to best create meaningful and engaging content for your target market while growing online!

Content Creation

Not a Steven Speilberg or a Nigel Barker? Not a problem. There are so many tools you can utilize to make unique and quality content for your viewers. If you're an aspiring photographer, videographer, or simply a social media content creator looking to grow, our team can help you achieve it!

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